The reason I can see where I'm going in crowded Colombian public transport

The Dutch are the tallest people in the world (on average). This is something that people often tell me here. I am, for the Colombian average, tall. I am, for the Ducth average, well just that: average. This was something I wanted to show in a visualization. This time nothing interactive, nor anything which would involve extensive programming, just a simple graph that would explain how height differences affect our daily life. Immediately it made me think of Colombian public transport. I too complain about how full the busses get, but in general I get to where I am going without a hitch, because I can see where I am going. Turns out that, after having a look at some data about the average human height on Wikipedia, a pair of Dutch eyes are just above the average height of a Colombian. To show this, I translated the average heights into differences in heads. The average head by the way has a height of approximately 23 cm. (again, thank you Wikipedia). You can check out the results below.

Attempt 1: Without a reference

In my first version, I just put the heads next to each other, but in this way I lost a little bit of what I wanted to show. The reference of the talles height with respect to the others gets lost as you read from left to right. So, in my second attempt I added a Dutch head for reference and you can clearly catch the reason I can see where I'm going in Colombian public transport.

Attempt 2: With a reference