Welcome to Show 'n Tell Data Design

With the boom in the amount of data available to everyone, this is our little space where we try to make sense of it all. By creating fun, interactive and informative data visualizations, our goal is to tell the stories that were previously hidden by the sheer amount of numbers.

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What We Do

Data Visualization

Make sense of your data and find new insights by looking at them from a different perspective. We specialize in visualizations that are: fun, informative and insightful. We create:

Interactive visualizations for your website that will catch your visitors' attention.
Graphic visualizations that will enhance the stories you want to tell.
Data visualizations that will improve and speed-up your decision making processes

Data Analysis

Need more than just a visual? We also have the knowledge and expertise to analyze your data and help you tell the stories hidden within. We can:

Clean your data and help you get to the information behind the data.
Organize and merge your different datasets to find new connections and insights.
Analyzeyour survey data, your big data or your scientific data so that you can focus on the bigger picture.
Create insightful and attractive reports so that the stories you want to tell will be heard.

Print & Digital

Stories are better told with images. So, whether it is for a presentation, a web-app, or a written report, we offer solutions that tell the story you want both in digital form as well as in printed media. We:

Create interesting visuals that will have an impact.
Design posters that will tell a story based on your data
Build understanding by reporting on information in a way that fits your audience.

Featured Projects

Internal Migration in Colombia
Internal Migration in Colombia

An investigation using open data from the Colombian Statistics Agency about internal migrations towards the capital Bogotá. Trying to answer questions like:

Where do internal migrants move from?
Why do internal migrants move to Bogotá?
What are they doing in the capital?

The Colombian Peace Accord
The Colombian Peace Accord

Starting with the recently signed peace agreement between the FARC-EP and the Colombian government we have a look at this 297-page document and try to find ways of visualizing the important information in it.